Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are going to teach Mario a thing or two about how to party!

 My wonderful son turned 6(its bitter sweet just to write that) and he wanted to have a Mario theme for his birthday. I love themed birthdays! We had a "music" birthday for Asher's 1st and it was so fun and challenging. After some quick web research I discovered the ideas and creativity are out there and I was able to pick and choose which would be age appropriate and so on. I really enjoyed making these things with Ephraim's help and for me it makes it that much more personal and memorable. We started with our invitation which we discovered HERE.

Putting together his invitations

Ephraim enjoyed mixing and matching colors.
We tackled the Pinata next which was actually really simple after watching This YOUTUBE yet time consuming(drying time). That was messy fun :)

Covering the balloon with paper covered in flour mixture

All finished(filled with candy he picked out)
He wore a Luigi costume and we found a brilliant blindfold that looked like the person was wearing aviators

My sister takes a swing(my mom finally smashed it open)

We also made bean bags for the Bowser toss

I sewed and Ephraim filled them with the beans

which was fast and fun since I had practice with hand stitching ect. making these owl felties for my nephew Zion for a Memorial Day present.

(found the inspiration HERE also received great game ideas here) The making of Pin the Mustache on Mario is probably the biggest coloring project Ephraim has EVER undertaken :)

Ephraim wanted EVERYONE to have mustaches so he colored and I cut out mustaches for everyone that matched their hair color. :)
personalized straws

I made this quilt as a gift, found the pattern HERE I was pleased with the how it turned out considering it was my 1st quilt!

We had a few cute give-aways(coffee mugs with trees and birds on them) for the winners of the Yoshi  Egg Toss
Picking a "Yoshi" egg
Coloring the spots onto the eggs

and for the lucky winner of "Glitter Eggs" (Making the glitter eggs was interesting HERE is a how to video)
Throwing the confetti eggs, what form :)

The absolute best touch to his party was the cupcakes Ruth contributed they were so perfect!

Instead of doing gift bags we gave out sparkling non-alcoholic cider and sparkling  non-alcoholic grape juice as take homes(one of his favorite things to drink)Here are some of my favorite shots from the party. Happy Birthday Ephraim!
I decorated inside with tissue flowers,pendants that said "Happy 6th Birthday Ephraim,streamers and balloons

Asher in overalls

Coming out of the jumpy castle

6 years old

My mom and beautiful nephew

Aaron's mom was such a trooper she just broke her ankle but still partied hard

Ruth and Asher

We ended the night with a firework display that only Aaron could put on.

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