Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mama didn't raise no fool

My mom holding me
I know some people consider Mother's Day to be a greeting card holiday but I LOVE Mother's Day partly because I am a mother and receive recognition on this day but also because I acknowledge the privilege and sacrifice it takes to be a good mother and love to recognize my own mother on this day. Mother's Day is a day I share with many amazing mothers, here are a few I would like to honor.
My mom

First and foremost my own mother who represents the epitome of self sacrifice to me. My mother bore 5 children  which is a feat in and of itself (she was told she would never have any),
Me and my siblings :)

but not only did she raise and single-handedly home-school us all she also took us to Africa while answering the call God had laid on her heart/life to minister there.(I know you are all saying WOW! so I will give you a moment). Later on in my life when my mother was faced with adversity she faced them with forgiveness, Christ-like love, determination and became a force to be reckoned with almost over night. She later became the most amazing, involved, hard working and nurturing single mother this world has to offer. I strive to reach out and connect with my children the way my mother has with each and everyone of hers. :)
My mom's mom Marg

Grandma Pat

Next up my grandmas, although they have both passed away I consider them both very positive and loving influences in my life.Many cherished memories I carry from my childhood involve both of them and looking back it is wild to see how they both relayed there love to me in two different and unique ways.I miss them very much and to steal a Jimmy Eat World lyric I often find myself wondering "What would you think of me now, so lucky, so strong, so proud? I never said thank you for that."
Lastly I have A LOT of girlfriends who are awesome mothers and could devote many paragraphs to listing there names, you know who you are ;) but I wanna focus on one of my best friends my sister Bethany. 
Me and my big sister Bethany

At the age of 5 my sister was diagnosed with cancer 
My sister after her chemotherapy

and I'll skip over the bravery and courage to the happy ending where God miraculously healed her(1 less kidney but a walking miracle) throughout her life she has accomplished so many cool things(landing a great husband graduating with a masters degree, practicing in family counseling and serving in her local church as a deaconess) but she had a desire to have a baby and the doctors said they just didn't know if it was even possible because of the radiation exposure and physical toll it would take on her body in general. She risked herself and her health. The Lord blessed us with my nephew Zion Jeremiah Rain. I am proud to share this day with her and know I could never understand the physical sacrifice she endured.
Me and my nephew Zion(at his dedication)

So I am blessed and honored today to share this day with Mothers everywhere.

This is what my family gave me for Mother's Day...
Long story behind my tattoo inspiration :)
And some not so permanent flowers as well.(Ephraim planted them for me with help from my...MOM)

My mother got me this
I collect peapod decor because of my last name these are a salt and pepper shaker :)

And in keeping with the "Flowers theme" this is one of the gifts I gave my mom this Mother's Day
My 1st cross-stitch with "dried flower" frame accents

Although my tattoo is not a ode to my mother here are a few tattoos that are the classic "Mom Heart" with a twist. 

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