Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its T-shirt time!

While looking for a 'lil something special for my sons 1st birthday, I browsed Etsy for a unique 1st Birthday onesie to come along side my "music" themed birthday or one so cool/personal it would stand alone. Not only did I not find what I was looking for I found my self thinking "I could make these"(well some of them) or I could tailor some of these ideas and make something I REALLY wanted, thus started my shirt and onesie making experiences. The process that I found the cheapest and most do-able for me was by using wax paper. I found a how to video on Youtube and picked up tips and do's and don'ts by googling and surfing the web. The following is the step by step process I use and  Ephraim's 6th birthday shirt.
1.Pick a image or draw your own

2. Trace on matte side of the wax paper

3.Cut out with scissors craft knife ect.

4.Iron shiny side down onto fabric




The possibilities are endless. I like to break out of the mold so this is a great way to either spruce up some "almost" there cloths, give a inexpensive unique Birthday,Anniversary,Christmas present or to put your OWN special touch to something.
This is the 1st one I ever did for Ashers 1st

The brass knuckle detail was my favorite
A set of pillow cases I did for my husband for Valentines Day

This is one I did for a Baby dedication gift

My friends 1st baby "Gilead"

A sign language "G"

Not my best or favorite but it was my 1st partial free hand painting

Ashers MUSTACHE onesie

Personal favorite

I did this one for a Birthday gift for my buddy's son

This is the band his dad is in The Burial(check them out)

I created this design on my own

My sister likes owls

for my nephew zion

This is one of my favorite gift ideas!

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