Saturday, May 14, 2011

Honey Dew List

Spring is in the air and I made a To Do LIST (yup I'm a list person) Here are some 'Lil projects we've been putting off and finally got finished.
#1) Taking down my Snowflake door decor and putting up Spring/Summer Home-made front door decoration
A frame from the garage with a balloon carrying our Last names wooden initial

#2)Replace(or should I say place) knobs on bathtub 
We were using scissors ghetto rigged to turn on the hot

#3)Scraping and repainting the exterior of the house chocolate brown

#4)We also spray textured painted a set of side tables I bought at a garage sale that were originally gold

#5)AND...We hung my 'lil clock :) Not only did I have to buy it immediately after I saw it, it will also help me while I continue to teach Ephraim time.
#6) WE sprayed the legs to our couch and put them on our new furniture :) THANKS JOHN!
They were shiny chrome
Cheers to productivity

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